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Solidarity for Nigerian Girls

Women from twoenty one countries arround the world ask solidarity for Nigerian Girls
Farrukh Leqa Sultani
Thursday 5 June 2014

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Women from different nations asked solidarity for Nigerian Girls. The gathering was called as a significant action of women from all over the world.

Thursday 29 May 2014, around sixty women from twenty-one countries gathered in front of Massachusetts State House and asked solidarity for Nigerian girls. The Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped by a group of gunmen almost a couple of months ago.

Bring Back Our Girls
Fifty Eight Women from twenty one countries

The demonstrators raised the same slogan in different languages: “bring back our girls”. There were well known female writers, feminists and social activists participated in this demonstration including women from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, India, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt, Myanmar, Cambodia, Colombia, Thailand, Mali, Uganda and Cameron.
The demonstrators were also participants of the Women in Public Service Project-2014 held in Boston.

On 14 April 2014, three hundred schoolgirls were kidnapped by gunmen belong to radical group of Boko Harram. Despite military investigations the girls are still in hostages. However the military has announced that they have found some signs from where the girls are but still there is no update from them.

Gloria Steinem- the United States feminist, Journalist and writer appreciated the women’s gathering for solidarity to Nigerian girls. She said: “It is a vital action of the women against brutality in twenty-one century.”

Aziza, the Afghan American woman who interested to watch the demonstration, said: “This is amazing. What a peaceful action. This means we are close to reach the change.”

According to the report published at Women in Law and Development in Africa’s website (http://www.wildaf-ao.org/index...) women are the sufferers of the many years of military misrule in Nigeria.

Marceline Mukakarangwa- the demonstrator from Rwanda expresses her regret and says to the families of the kidnapped girls: This action may or may not have impact but at least we raised our voice. We are women from twenty one countries and our voice is the strongest voice you have ever heard. We raised our voice to ask the countries to seriously follow this matter.

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