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Selling and Buying Suicide Bombers!

Kamran Mir Hazar
Wednesday 23 November 2016

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In December 2014, I wrote a story in Kabul Press on selling and buying Pashtun suicide bombers across Af-Pak border. According my sources, the cheapest suicide bombers are between ten and fifteen years old. Each of them cost about 300 USD. The most expensive suicide bombers who are stronger are from 1000 to 2000 USD. Over 90% of suicide bombers are from the poor Pashtun families who work as farmers of the poppy fields. Suicide bombers get train inside madrasas and training camps which are mostly financed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Many young suicide bombers face also sexual abuse.

سران قبایلی دو سوی مرز نقش مهمی را در خرید و فروش انتحاری و کشت، تولید و قاچاق مواد مخدر بر عهده دارند.

Brainwashing process
During this process, they are completely isolated. They start learning how to read Quran. They do not access to Pashto translation of Quran, and if they do, they are not able to read it. The mullahs give them the most radical interpretation of Quran; the outside world is full of infidelity, and Killing all infidels is the only way to make the world much better. Mullahs say a suicide bombers fly to the heaven where they get every sort of pleasure such as wine, beautiful girls, gardens, and honey rivers. Sexual obsessions make the brainwashing process faster.

طالبان و ملایانی که دست به جمع آوری شاگردان خود از میان خانواده های فقیر پشتون می زنند، به خانواده ها قول می دهند که محل خواب و خوراک و پوشاک آنان را تهیه کنند.

Who sells suicide bombers?

  • Mullahs who run madrasas including the Taliban leaders; leaders of Pashtun tribes who mostly own the big poppy fields, and Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence that runs many madrasas.
انتحار در پوشش لباس زنان در سال های اخیر رواج چشمگیری داشته است.

Who buys suicide bombers?
Sources say security services of countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, UK, and Pakistan are the buyers of the suicide bombers (Great Britain traditionally supports Pashtuns tribes against other ethnic groups). Taliban and recently IS have their own share of suicide bombers. Many of the Pashtun tribe leaders also solve their conflicts on drag and land by suicide bombers.
Accouraging to sources, some Pashtun politicians such as Hanif Atmar also buy suicide bombers.

پسر انتحاری آزاد شده و مورد بخشش قرار گرفته توسط حامد کرزی/ گفته می شود این پسر انتحاری پس از آزادی دست به انتحار زده و اکنون کشته شده است.

The result:
A UNAMA reports says: Attacks conducted by Anti-Government Elements directly targeting civilians or in areas with a large civilian presence continued. UNAMA recorded attacks intentionally targeting peaceful civilian demonstrators, educational facilities, judicial and media workers, as well as attacks conducted in civilian-populated urban areas including bazaars and religious facilities. On 23 July, Anti-Government Elements carried out a suicide attack in Kabul against a crowd of peaceful demonstrators, mainly of Hazara ethnicity, killing 85 and injuring 413. This was the deadliest single incident recorded by the United Nations in Afghanistan since 2001.



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