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Hazara’s Immigration Brings Revolution

M. Arif Wahdat
Sunday 10 June 2018

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Let`s put a point on the meaning of Immigration and Revolution.
Immigration: the process of coming to live permanently or temporarily in a country which is not your own.
Revolution: A great change in conditions, ways of working, beliefs, etc. that effects large number of people from different angles.
Hazara people are historically the most restrained ethnic group and have witnessed slight improvements in the circumstances even with the setup of modern Afghanistan. The discrimination against this nation ethnic group has subsisted for centuries by Pashtuns and other ethnic groups. According to estimation that more than half of the entire population of Hazaras were driven out of their villages, including 62% who were massacred. "It is difficult to verify such an estimation, but the memory of the conquest of the Hazaristan by Abdul Rahman Khan certainly remains vivid among the Hazaras themselves, and has heavily influenced their relations with the Afghan state throughout the 20th century. The British from neighboring British India, who were heavily involved in Afghanistan, did not document such a large figure. Others claim that Hazaras began leaving their hometown Hazaristan due to poverty and in search of employment mostly in the 20th century. Most of these Hazaras immigrated to neighbor Balochistan where they were provided permanent settlement by the government of British India. Others settled in and around Mashhad, which is in the Khorasan Province of Iran.
The Hazaras of Afghanistan faced severe political, social and economic tyranny and denial of basic civil rights.

During early years, Hazaras immigrated to different western countries, and Australia. Hazaras have opened a new page of glorious history in Australia. Predictions are assured that this immigration leads Hazaras to the educational revolution, Cultural Revolution, economical revolution and so many on. Australia is considered to be home to the fourth largest population of Hazaras in the world which is estimated to be over 100,000. Majority of these Hazaras have migrated from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran in pursuit of safe haven after fleeing persecution and discrimination in their homelands.
Hazaras who arrived in Australia during several years have now established them well in this country by working in various public and private sector organizations and opening up new businesses in different cities. Melbourne’s south east suburb of Dandenong is considered to be the largest Hazara enclave in Australia. Sydney houses the second largest population of Hazaras followed by Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Being unqualified and less-educated, Hazaras are mostly engaged in labor work in Australia. Nevertheless, some of them who are highly educated, do occupy covetous posts in various organizations. As they have founded an organization by the name of “Australian Hazara Federation” in Australia.
Hazaras had earned a very good reputation in Australia as a diligent nation through their hard work in the beginning which gradually faded away as they started depending on the dole for their livelihood instead of working and playing their role in strengthening Australian economy. But, the successive Australian governments are equally responsible for this situation and promotion of the trend to rely on the living allowance as many people who are drawing financial benefits from Centre link are of the view that together with their families on the dole they get more money than by working five days a week from morning till evening. This loophole in the system still exists which needs to be addressed to get people off the dole.
In other words, Hazaras must welcome the social works in everywhere and they should contribute countries economically, socially they live in. It is not the right way to be dependent of governments and don’t work in public sectors. Hazara community ought to play their suitable role in every step where the anticipation goes. No matter if that is Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, America wherever. The new generation should really respect this concept: “Better to be hungry not illiterate.” If the parents of Hazaras had been ignorant, they immolated themselves working days and nights hard for us not be illiterate. Despite they were ignorant but they always valued education, national interest for all nations, equal civil rights and a better world for everyone. For instance, my parents are illiterate but they always motivated me to study and have a pen for good things. They have always been true teachers for me to guide me to pen down the facts, never forget others, always contribute other minorities and never be wrong.

Hazara nation is one of the world’s most outspread minorities that the population is estimated 16 million worldwide. The dispersal of Hazaras across the world has both positive and negative impacts. Even though Hazaras exist in all over the world, they have not founded any global political democratic party, therefore, they are still forgotten among world’s nations.
However, Hazaras and Jewish have almost similar history in new centuries. Jewish were also persecuted and massacred, as Hazaras had also been during 1880-1885 by tyranny of Abdul Rahman Khan. But all the Jewish across the world assembled to find a solution for their future and they started from education then to politics, society, economic and culture. They could re-establish themselves within few decades. They could make an Israel in the heart of Palestine where they were expelled during Arabic conquests. The key point of their prosperity was having an “International Political Democratic Party” that was founded by true, honest and intelligent Jewish scholars and leaders. One of the best Jewish party is called American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in America that is lobby of Israel.
Other nations consider Hazaras either Iranian, Afghan, Pakistani or from any other nation. We are forgotten amongst world’s nations. If the cruelty of history has occupied our homeland, national, historical and cultural identity, it doesn’t mean it is the end of us. We should strive our best to rebuild our history, culture and connect ourselves to our 3000 BC. Thus it says, “History makes personality and personality makes history.” Now Hazaras are on the first step (education). They should really educate themselves well and move forward for making a better world along other nations. They should also work on their national and cultural identity because it is the civil right of each nation. Such achievements can be gained by having “worldwide democratic foundation” to introduce this forgotten ethnic group to the world.
Our first identity is humanity and our national identity is Hazara, therefore, we condemn racism, ethnic killing, sectarian sects and violence. Our religion is welfare and wellbeing of humanity and our system is secular.


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