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US Peace Talk with the Taliban Is Talibanization of Afghanistan

Shamsuddin Mohammadi
Tuesday 3 September 2019

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It has been about ten months since the peace talks between the Taliban and the US government have been going on strictly. Nine rounds of meetings have been held in Doha between Taliban diplomatic representatives and the US Special Representative for the Peace of Afghanistan, Mr. Khalilzad. Recently, both sides have reportedly reached a relative agreement. Americans insist on a ceasefire after reaching peace agreement. On the other hand, the Taliban is insisting on withdrawing of foreign troops from Afghanistan and establishment of an interim government. These meetings are not attended by representatives of the Afghan government, who should have represented all the people of Afghanistan in these dialogues. Because the Taliban had a precondition that they did not want to talk to the Afghan government and the Taliban considering that the government of Afghanistan is a puppet of the United States. Therefore, the Taliban showed favor of direct talk with United States.
Anyway, peace is good. All the people of Afghanistan are tired of the war and all are thirsty of peace and willing to live in a safe and secure and brotherhood environment, away from explosions and suicide attacks. But as far as we are observing, this can be a reconciliation and peace between the Americans and the Taliban. So after the peace deal between the Americans and the Taliban, the Afghan people will continue to be the victim of the Taliban and global terrorism. We all know that the Taliban have brought numerous casualties to the people of Afghanistan and its government over the past several months during peace talks between the Americans and the Taliban. And the Taliban have said that they will continue to fight till presence of a foreign soldier in Afghanistan. The Taliban said, they will negotiate with the government of Afghanistan after complete withdrawal of international troops from country.
The complexity of the war and the process of peace talks in Afghanistan require a deep and comprehensive analysis. But the public perception is that the Taliban will certainly not abide by their pacts and the same time, it is considered that Taliban is a tool in hands of foreign countries and foreign intelligence agencies, which is mainly believed to be the ISI of Pakistan. Having said that, the Taliban groups have very deep ideological links and ties with other extremist and Islamist groups such as Al-Qaeda Network, the Haqqani Network and other extremist groups in the region.
While Americans and the international coalition have been deployed in Afghanistan for nearly two decades, the purpose of these forces has been to combat global terrorism and destroy their safe havens within Afghanistan and in both sides of Durand lines (tribal areas) and meanwhile to support people of Afghanistan in rebuilding and establishing a strong and responsible government. With the emergence of the Taliban and the expansion of their territory in 1996-2001 in the country, safe havens were provided for global terrorism and carried out their attacks around the world from Afghanistan. Following the September 11, 2001 attack that lead the collapse of Twin Towers of World Trade Centers in US, the Al-Qaeda Network was blamed and the United States demanded the surrender of the Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden who was present in Afghanistan. But the Taliban had/have deep ideological links with the terrorist network of al-Qaeda, refused to do so even with the cost of giving its power in the country. Until the United States inevitably launched a military operation against Taliban and put an end within forty-eight hours to the Taliban absolute sovereignty in Afghanistan and effectively dismantled the Taliban from across the country.
I can remember that the first presidential election was held in 2004 and it was the first time that the Afghan people practicing democracy and were very delightedly cast their votes for their favorite candidates in a very safe environment. And off course, it was the best elections in terms of transparency and large participation of voters in polling centers across the country. We have the best security after just the Taliban defeated in 2001 to 2006. I traveled frequently to the villages of Ahmadzai, Hossein Khel, Zaman Khel, Bala Duri, Dand Shahabuddin and Chashmeh-Sher of Pul-e Khumri and remote areas of Dahana Ghori district and implementing the National Solidarity Development Program. But since that, the situation got worse after months and years. Unfortunately, the situation completely changed to worse now. We have the worst security situation in the country right now. More than 50 to 60 percent of Afghan soil is now whether directly or indirectly under Taliban influence and control. According to Tolo TV, more than 60 districts administrative premises are out of the control of the Afghan government. Just now it is impossible to travel to Dahna Ghori district today, and it has been under full control of the Taliban for several years. Baghlan capital city outskirts are under Taliban control. The Pul-e-Khumri-Mazar road, which crosses the Chashmeh Sher area of Pul-e-Khumri, has recently been named “Road of Death”. In the last week, four passengers have been abducted by Taliban and killed on the roadside. Taliban groups setting on fires the commercial oil tankers in Chashmeh Sher area every day. Just two days ago Taliban launched offensive attacks from three locations on the Pul-e-Khomri city while they had a massive attack a day before on Kunduz city and killing so many people. Taliban fighters were nearly to overrun these two strategic cities but pushed back by pro-government fighters.
The Taliban, especially after 2006, gradually recovered, revived and carried out deadly attacks, especially in the Shia Hazara residential areas in Afghanistan, killing thousands and spreading grief and sorrows to thousands of poor and innocent minority Hazaras families. Hazara passengers got out of their buses and were shot on the roadside and taking hostages of Hazara passengers have become routine practice for the Taliban.
All knows the Taliban’s brutality, hostility and hatred against Shia Hazara. The killing and beheading of the Hazara people for the Taliban has become a daily watch and game. Hazara gatherings have been repeatedly targeted by deadly suicide bombings and explosions. The latest attack in August 2019 carried out by Taliban in a wedding party in a hotel in Kabul and killing 96 people and left hundreds injured.
The Taliban massacred Hazaras in various provinces when they were in power in 1996 -2001. There was countless oppression on women of Afghanistan. Women could not get out of the house without permission of male members of the family and could not walk without accompanying of spouse or a close male dependent. Women were not allowed to go schools. Women had lost their basic human rights. Women were often shot and flogged in public. The women were stoned. The women faced force marriages. It says that more than 3,000 women from Shamali areas have been sold out to Pakistan and the Arab countries during black regime of Taliban.
Thus, US peace talks with the Taliban, after eighteen years of presence of the international community and US-led anti-terrorism forces in Afghanistan, unfortunately gave this criminal group a global identity and legitimacy. Whereas the extremist, terrorist and pro-terrorist group that threatened global security and slaughtering innocent people every day, would be dealt with through war and military invasions as they are the enemy of humanity. And the military option is the only solution to eliminate the face of world from these terrorist groups. The elimination of these terrorist groups leads to world peace and global security.
Now, the concern is that after the US reconciliation with the Taliban, this group will be having a shared power in Afghanistan. It says that key cabinet positions will be handed over to them. I have full confidence that with the passage of time, Taliban controls and influence in will be escalating in the country. Gradually Afghanistan will become Talibanized and The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan regime will gradually change to the Islamic Emirate of Taliban. In fact, Americans are Talibanizing the country with this approach of peace negotiation. And the Talibanization of the country will do absolutely irreparable damage to Afghanistan’s fledgling democracy, the rights of minorities, and especially the rights of women in the country. And the same time, I should frankly declare that, with such peace agreement the global security will be jeopardized. After this, the Afghan people will again witness the crisis of the Taliban’s black regime in the near future. Afghans and international community’s 18-years achievements will be lost. Again that slogan will be whispered by the Taliban: "Tajiks go to Tajikistan, Uzbeks go to Uzbekistan and Hazara go to Goristan (cemeteries)".


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