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Ghani Ahmadzai’s German Adviser Received US$41250.00 Salary per Month

Kabul Press - News
Saturday 21 September 2019

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Kabul Press?: A document from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Commerce and Industries shared by local journalists says a German adviser of Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai had US$41250.00 salary per month in 2017-18. The official document dated 29/07/1396 (21 October 2017) includes the signature of Ahmadzai and his order to add Dr. Wolfgang Plasa’s $41250,00 monthly salary for one year into 1397’s budget, starting from February 2017. According to the document, the annual wage of Wolfgang Plasa as Ahmadzai’s adviser was US$495000,00.
Comparing the monthly salary of Wolfgang Plasa, it was/is at least 645 times higher than the regular monthly income of middle-rank government officials or teachers in so-called country Afghanistan. The monthly income of a teacher is 5000.00 Afghani (US$62.00-63.00), and most times, teachers do not receive any salary for several months.
Comparing the annual salary of Wolfgang Plasa to the highest salaries in Norway as a rich country, still, Wolfgang Plasa had/has 2.6 times higher income as Ahmadzai’s adviser. The annual salary of Norway prime minister Erna Solberg is 1.680.277 kroner(about US$185779.83).
In October 2014, Kabul Press revealed an official document signed by Pashtun politician Hanif Atmar, where he categorized his advisers based on their ethnic and ordered a high salary for Pashtuns. As minister of education, in his list of 20 advisers, 16 were Pashtuns and 4 Tajiks.
So-called country Afghanistan is one of the most corrupted and most impoverished countries in the world. It is a multi-ethnic country, but the primary power is in the hand of Pashtuns. Many experts believe that the central government of Pashtuns and the Taliban as the military arm of Pashtunism are the sources of not only long-term conflicts but also corruption.

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