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Outlook and Consequences of the US-Taliban Peace Agreement

Shamsuddin Mohammadi
Tuesday 3 March 2020

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Signing the peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban is, on the one hand, legitimizing the Taliban’s terrorist group and, on the other hand, gradually letting Afghanistan into the grip of terrorists called the Taliban.

Unfortunately, the US-Taliban peace deal was signed a few days ago, after eighteen months of serious discussion and bargaining on both sides in Doha. It should be noted that the Afghan government has not been part of the negotiations since the beginning of the negotiation process. In a brief interview with a Taliban official with TOLOnews in Doha just before the peace deal was signed, he said, "We do not recognize the Kabul administration and the release of 5,000 Taliban from Afghan prisons is an agreement between the United States and the Islamic Emirate of Taliban. The United States is committed to releasing our prisoners by March 10, 2020. "

The Afghan government has not been involved in the talks process from the very beginning and has not even been aware of the content of the US-Taliban agreement until its post-signing.

Conflict over the results of the recent fraudulent presidential election between two top candidates and on the other hand, the tensions of the country’s politician over the results of the election and each one attempt to gain power, has led Afghanistan to the brink of a civil war

If the US troops were not in the country, surely we would have experience full-blown civil war. So Afghanistan is in a very fragile situation. The bed for going to anarchism is suitable in the country. If we look deeply into the different dimensions of the situation, the fragile situation of the country is very much like a worn-out tree with a slight gust of wind can easily fall down.

Meanwhile, the widespread presence of Taliban and ISIS/ISK fighters in most parts of the country and jihadi groups and their leaders are all looking for an opportunity. That is if the Americans and international partners leave Afghanistan, which is one of the Taliban’s most prominent demands for the withdrawal of foreign troops in the agreement. Foreign forces must leave Afghanistan within a 14-month timeframe. As foreign forces emerge, Afghanistan will most likely enter a civil war. Afghanistan will eventually fall into the hands of the Taliban. The Taliban regime will once again dominate the Afghan people. Afghanistan will then be overshadowed by the black Taliban regime maybe without war. But it must be remembered that the life of the people under the control of this group will be inside the cage. Religious and ethnic minorities will suffer a lot. The women of the country will be imprisoned in their homes. Schools will be closed to girls once again. Media activity and civil society will stagnate. Immigration will be increased. We will have nothing in the name of freedom after the Taliban comes to power.

I am a victim of the Taliban’s black regime. I have been rescued from the Taliban gunman target in my village. If there was not a intervene from one of the Taliban fighters at that moment, I would have been killed like dozens of people killed in our valley.

My imprisonment by the Taliban reminds me of their horror. The nightmare of terror and their destruction is still engraved on the walls of my memory! I will never forget the Taliban’s crimes and their mass killings, their plunder, and I can never forget! The violence and devastation of the Taliban forced me to flee to Pakistan. Our people have been killed and displaced several times in recent years by their deadly attacks even with the presence of US and NATO troops. With the current conditions, our people are flooding out of the country to settle down to a safer place. They have no hope for their future in Afghanistan!

So, I’m never optimistic about the US-Taliban peace deal. Since I know the Taliban’s ideology, I am convinced that they have no belief in democracy, citizenship, women’s rights and respect for minorities, the religious beliefs of others, and so on.

We all know that this peace deal is actually between the United States and the Taliban not to attack each other. So that their troops are safe. The signing of the agreement was a sign of victory for the Taliban. Taliban leaders are now thinking of their future Emirates Islamic government structure.

Unfortunately, after nearly two decades of fighting with what was known as terrorist groups, the United States is returning power to this terrorist group in the name of the peace agreement and the same time legitimizing the Taliban. I am very worried about American acts towards my people and my country and my future!

Since Afghanistan’s political parties have ethnic backgrounds and all are formed ethnic-based. We all know that the Taliban is based on Pashtun ethnicity. An ethnicity that considers itself an absolute majority and demanding the compliance of others.

Pashtun technocrats, including modern-day educated, will raise a hegemony with Taliban Pashtuns to remove others. Therefore, all existing parties of non-Pashtun will be eliminated by the Islamic Emirate of the Taliban. Afghanistan will become a graveyard and life under the Taliban will be inside the graveyard!

There is no doubt that the Taliban-era slogans that say, Tajiks go to Tajikistan, Uzbeks go to Uzbekistan and Hazaras go to cemeteries, will be whispered again!

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