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Taliban Systematic Attacks to Capture and Invade Northern Parts of Hazaristan

Kabul Press - News
Monday 20 April 2020

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Kabul Press?: The Taliban’s attacks on the northern parts of Hazaristan have significantly increased. Districts like Darah Sof, Sholgara, Sangcharak, Chehar Kent, Zari, Balkhab, and Chimtal are under sudden violently attacks.
On the 6th of April, for example, the Taliban stormed the Charmaghzak village situated in Darah Sof, and killed three Hazara civilians. The attackers then tied the bodies of victims to the back of a vehicle and dragged them along the road.

On the 8th of April, it has been the turn of the Jarhaye Nahre Sorkh village, situated in the Sholgara district of Balkh. Seven members of a Hazara family have been killed, including a toddler and a woman. On the 18th of April, the Taliban attacked the village of Dalan in the Sholgara district, killing nine Hazara villagers and wounding five others.

Attacks of Pashtun Taliban of the Northern Parts of Hazaristan

All such attacks are following the same pattern: the Taliban are attacking at night, killing some Hazara civilians, and then they leave in the morning. Their aim looks to be to instill fear among the Hazara villagers in order to push them to leave their territory. The people of these villages requested help from the government,t asking to send security forces to protect the villages, but their plea for help has been left unheard.

Today Kabul Press talked to the Arbab (chief) of one of those villages, that due to his security, Kabul Press decided to hide his identity. He told us that people in his village are scared. He then added that: "Since the government is not willing to send any reinforcement, we must assume that either they are unable to do it, and therefore unable to govern the country, or unwilling to do it, and therefore colluded with the Taliban."

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