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First Asian Congress of the World Poetry Movement (WPM)

Migration from Death to Life
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Wednesday 15 February 2023

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The 1st WPM Asian Congress will be held on February 25-26, 2023, starting at 05.00 GMT to explore and celebrate poetry in Asia, to picture Asian poetry in the context of world poetry, to unite the poetry forces in the continent, and by intercultural dialogue and defining poetic actions, to contribute to the “Migration from Death to Life” and stands with those who face unjust.

The continental coordinators and national coordinators participating at the first Asian Congress of the WPM are Sue Zhu (China), Rati Saxena (India), Keshab Sigdel (Nepal), Vadim Terekhin (Russia), Nigar Hasan-Zadeh (Azerbaijan), Quamruzzaman Swapan (Bangladesh), Jidi Majia (China), Neşe Yaşın (Chipre), Kamran Mir Hazar (Hazaristan), Nahid Kabiri (Iran), Abdul Hadi Sadoun (Iraq), Keijiro Suga (Japan), Ali Al Ameri (Jordan), Ulugbek Esdauketov (Kazakhstan), Altynai Temirova (Kirgizstan), Antoine Boulad (Lebanon), Shivani Sivagurunathan (Malaysia), Imdad Aakash (Pakistan), Hanan Awwad (Palestine), Marra Lanot (Philippines), Saleh Zamanan (Saudi Arabia), Shirani Rajapakse (Sri Lanka), Lina Tibi (Syria), Kosimov Abdukakhor Sattorovich (Tajikistan), Adel Khosam (United Arab Emirates), Khosyat Rustam (Uzbekistan), Mohammed Al-Lawzi (Yemen), and Mai Van Phan (Vietnam).

Some international poets and observers will also attend the two-day Asian Congress.

The continental and national coordinators will present country reports, including poetic actions, plans, programs, and suggestions to promote poetry, poetic actions, and the presence of the WPM in the continent.

The Asian Congress of the WPM will take place virtually. It will be streamed live by the networks of the World Poetry Festival of Venezuela and the International Poetry Festival of Medellin.

The WPM is the global coordinator of poets and related organizations, including more than 3,000 poets from 150 nations, international poetry festivals, educational projects, and poetry publishing houses, with the coordination of

Coordinating Committee of the World Poetry Movement Asia

Addresses to access live streaming:


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