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Structure of Karzai’s new government

A grim vision of Afghanistan for the next five years
Maiwand Habibi
Thursday 17 September 2009

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Mr. Karzai has completed eight unsuccessful years of his government and it was originally assumed that he would not run for election on 20 August 2009. Even though he ran for election, it was thought that the people would not give him a single vote. However, the recent political situation, political compromise, conspiracies, excessive expenditures on campaigns, too many promises and Pashtuns lack of interest shows that Mr. Karzai will proudly wear the presidential crown and rule for the next five years . The people, particularly the Pashtuns, will face a dark, unbearable next five years.

Now that Afghans are certain to accept Karzai for next five years. It appears from his promises, his eight years as president, and his political compromises his next term will look like this:

1: The next five years of Mr. Karzai will be weaker than the previous one. He will be just a symbol and the real authority will rest with warlords as long as Mr. Karzai curries their favor. Afghans will suffer more violence and injustice. However, Mr. Karzai will not be able to do anything and will just close his eyes upon them.

2: Mafia land-grabbers will be strengthened. One of the cabinet members has already declared that on average, 1000 hectars of land is controlled by each warlord. Now that this mafia remains in control, the average will definitely increase.

3: Poppy cultivation and drug smuggling will increase which will further damage Afghanistan in the International community because Mr. Karzai has allied himself with the drug dealers. The best example is his releasing five drug dealers from prison to campaign for him.

4: The raping, human trafficking. and kidnapping Mafia will get significantly stronger since Mr. Karzai’s coalition has agreed with them and all their demands have been accepted.

5: Most of the government’s structure and cabinet will remain dominated by the warlords.

6: Violation of law, corruption, and nepotism will reach its last stage, because these factors are all related to the coalition and Afghanistan’s compromised government.

7: The number of ministries will increase from thirty to forty. Advisors will grow to more than two hundred since Mr. Karzai has promised at least five ministries to the weakest political party to keep them happy.

8: Most of his cabinet will consist of his campaign supporters and contributors. In addition, they will be given provincial governor offices and ambassadors positions.

9: The Afghan passport will lose its value because most of the ambassadors will be illiterate and have no knowledge of culture and tradition. Therefore the international community will call our government warlords, and human rights violators, and we will be frisked at each airport as thoroughly as possible.

10: Pashtoons will be scattered and deprived. They will have no influence or power in government.

11: According to Mr. Karzai’s promise 20 out of 100 seats in government will be given to Mr. Khalili and 15 out of 100 to Dostum.

12: Media and freedom of expression will give only lip service to a free press, and a single word against warlord will be a death sentence to the author.

Afghanistan’s next five years will be quite challenging to both the international community and to the Afghan people themselves.

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