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Why Hazaras are always being targeted?!!

Basir Ahang
Wednesday 26 February 2014

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More than 50 Hazaras have been killed and injured on Tuesday, February 25th in a suicide attack that took place in a hotel in Trinkot town of Urozgan province.

All the victims and the injured survivors are said to be belonging to the Hazara ethnic group. They were in the hotel for an overnight rest before continuing their trip home. No group has so far claimed responsibility for this attack, but the “ethnic group” of victims and previous evidences of the similar attacks, suggest that this is the umpteenth attack organized by terrorists Taliban.

The Hazaras have many times being targeted brutally by the Taliban during their rule on Afghanistan and in the recent years.

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The lately Karzai regime’s vicinity and sympathy with the Taliban that has resulted the release of senior Taliban commander’s from jails without any trials, has caused the incredibly increase of the number of suicide attacks of the Taliban on civilians such as Hazaras and the Afghan military forces.

People believe, underestimating Taliban’s reinforcement, once again puts the country in peril as in the late 1990s and as a result, the suffering ethnic groups such as the Hazara and Uzbek are being targeted more and more.

Since Karzai’s suspicious talks with the Taliban have begun, the analysts say that, the people’s hope for a better and stable future is decreased to its least.

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