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Hazara Genocide Continues, Pashtun Terrorists Cover their Crimes Under the Name of Daesh

Sunday 22 April 2018

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Today, a registration center for upcoming parliamentary election in west of Kabul targeted by Pashtun suicide bombers, over 60 Hazara were killed and at least 122 injured.
Pashtun terrorists and their supporters inside so-called government cover the #HazaraGenocide under the name of #Daesh/ISIS/IS.
It is obvious that the Pashtunist government is behind the attack. The government tries to reduce the Hazara vote by fraud and threatening the Hazara by suicide bombers.
In last two parliamentary elections, the Hazara candidates from Kabul were elected by obtaining the highest number of votes.


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So-Called Afghanistan Comprises Diverse Stateless Nations, Including the Hazara, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Pashtun/Afghan, and Nuristani With No Majority or National Identity.

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