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Five Poems: Someone Else’s Eye, Music Remains, Emptiness, Young Love and Time

English translation by Luis Rafael Galvez
Winston Morales Chavarro
Tuesday 23 April 2019

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The days gone by, where do they go?

Those little shadows of what one day was the sun?

Why what they call tomorrow is so elusive?

What rose from behind the mountains like a future?

The skin gels

Bones break

And days run like straw filaments in someone else’s eye.


Only the music remains after death

An old whisper of what we were

Will remain suspended over the candlewood of time

Perhaps someone will follow our steps

The imprints erased by the bubblings of an acoustic ocean

At least we shall be that:

Old sandals worn by a girl who follows

What we thought was the road.


To the Italian poet
Gerardo Sangiorgio (1921-1993)

And to think that nothing remains

That everything said is like a arrow thrown to the wind.

That even the words are evanescent

Fragile before the lips that pronounce them

That they could

(should) have been kept quiet

Everything is so fleeting

The raised hand

the tight fist

The craving mouth of desire

Nothing remains

Logic is impermanence

The anchor that holds on to death.

And its purest emptiness


Days in the calendar

Are like ash birds

Curled towards a tiny windmill.

How the hours pass by surprises us

The unmasked skeletons of the years

Everything runs like a star made of ice
Like a meteorite without shadows
Amazing the blinking of the eyes
Before the vision of gone by trienniums
...Of what was one decade ago.
Time is like that
A flake of hardened snow
Melted on the spiral of a lightless brazier.


My young love

Speaks of lustrums and decades

As if they were a flower open

To the tongue of a butterfly

It is as if from its mouth everything would rejuvenate

Everything would acquire the shine of cellophane

For the Christmas we haven’t had yet

My young love speaks to me of Winter.

As if the time for autumn were still distant

For her, departures don’t exist

Our children rejoice on the tree of the night

the naked bellies await the warmth of a new moon

My young love doesn’t know a hundred years

Lasts only what a wick on a lamp’s surface.

Everything is gone for both of us

It all has ended for the both of us

My young love embraces me

She doesn’t know that one grows old

While a leaf falls on the garden’s lawn.

Neiva, Huila, 1969. Social Communicator and Journalist. MA in Cultural Studies, Spanish and Latin American references, Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar in Quito. Full time Professor at Cartagena University, Colombia. He has won the Poetry Contests of Organización Casa de Poesía, 1996; José Eustasio Rivera, 1997 and 1999; Ministry of Culture departmental Contest, 1998; Euclides Jaramillo Arango, Del Quindío University, 2000; Second Price Winner Poetry National Contest Chiquinquirá City, 2000; Poetry National Contest Antioquia University, 2001; Third Price Winner at the International Literary Contest Outono, Brasil. First Price Winner IX National Biennial of Novella José Eustasio Rivera. First Place at Poetry National Price Bolívar Technological University, Cartagena, 2005. Winner of an artistic residency from The Group of Three (Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico) Colombia Ministry of Culture and Mexico’s Foncas, with the project: “Parallels of the invisible: Chichén Itza-San Agustín”. Winner of the Instituto de Patrimonio y Cultura Poetry Contest, Cartagena (IPCC), 2013. Winner of the Humberto Tafur Charry Short Story Contest, 2013. Winner of the Literature International Price "David Mejía Velilla", Universidad de La Sabana, 2014, Bogotá, Colombia. Finalist in several contests of poetry and short stories in Colombia, Spain, Argentina and Mexico. He has published the books of poems Aniquirona, Trilce Publishers, 1998; La lluvia y el ángel (The rain and the angel) (Co-authored)-Trilce Publishers, 1999; De regreso a Schuaima (Back to Schuaima), Ediciones Dauro, Granada-España, 2001; Memorias de Alexander de Brucco (Memoirs of Alexander de Brucco), Editorial Universidad de Antioquia, 2002; Summa poética, Altazor Editores, 2005; Antología (Antology), Viernes de Poesía Collection, Universidad Nacional, 2009; Camino a Rogitama (Road to Rogitama), Trilce Publishers, 2010; La Ciudad de las piedras que cantan (The City of the singing stones), Caza de Libros, Ibagué 2011; Temps era temps, Altazor Publishers, Bogotá, 2013, and La douce Aniquirone et D`autres poemes somme poètique (French Translation of Marcel Kemadjou Njanke), 2014. In narrative: Dios puso una sonrisa sobre su rostro (God put a smile upon his face), novella, 2004; On essay: Poéticas del ocultismo en las escrituras de José Antonio Ramos Sucre, Carlos Obregón, César Dávila Andrade y Jaime Saenz (Poetics of occultism in the writings of José Antonio Ramos Sucre, Carlos Obregón, César Dávila Andrade and Jaime Saenz), Trilce Publishers, Bogotá, 2008. His poems have appeared in magazines and newspapers from Colombia, Spain, Venezuela, Italy, United States of America, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Mexico, and have been translated into French, Italian, Portuguese and English.

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