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US-Taliban Deal: The Rule of Pashtuns on Non-Pashtuns Is Enough

Kabul Press - News
Tuesday 25 February 2020

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Kabul Press?: Pictures shared by local and social media show Mohammad Ali Hasani, a Hazara old man abducted and tortured by Pashtun Taliban in Dara-I-Suf, Samangan, Hazaristan. According to local media, the Pashtun Taliban abducted him on his way from Balkh to Samangan.
The Pashtun Taliban are continuing their crimes against non-Pashtuns, particularly the Hazara, while they are talking peace with the USA. Representing the USA, Zalmay Khalilzad is in Kabul now. According to several sources, Khalilzad, on the one hand, is trying to bring Pashtuns together for the power of Pashtuns, and on the other hand, he is threatening non-Pashtun leaders to accept Ghani Ahmadzai as president despite Ahmadzai’s systematic fraud in the election.

In social media, many people argue that dropping GBU-43/B MOAB or leaving the country to Pashtunists, including Ghani Ahmadzai and Pashtun terrorist groups such as the Taliban or dealing with them do not bring peace to so-called Afghanistan. Any deal with the Taliban without disarming them put non-Pashtuns in waker position. A better alternative is to have a federal system or divide the country to Khorasan, including Hazaristan and Turkistan and Afghanistan/Pashtunistan. The rule of Pashtuns on non-Pashtuns is enough. “In the last two centuries, we have witnessed only the systematic crimes of the Pashtun regimes and their tribal extremists, no sign of civilization, only war”, says an activist to Kabul Press.

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